Gelion continues moving at pace towards commercialisation, fuelled by the global attention on energy storage systems and the positive feedback to the launch of Gelion ENDURE.

Gelion’s breakthrough Zinc-Bromide non-flow technology is a promising alternative to lead-acid and lithium ion batteries in stationary energy storage applications, a market expected to grow from 20 GWh in 2019 to 158 GWh by 2024.

Gelion’s initial targeted energy storage applications will be solar farms, microgrid and peak load cost shaving or asset cost deferment for commercial and industrial and power company customers.

Our vision is to revolutionise the energy storage battery market through innovation that provides low-cost, safe and affordable batteries at scale.

Here’s how we’re getting there…

  • February - First Gelion patent lodged.
  • Demonstration of an ionogel Zinc-Bromine battery chemistry.
  • Gelion Technologies founded.
  • Demonstration of a non-flow all liquid Zinc-Bromine battery cell.
  • Development of a full working cell, including a substantial body of chemical and physical data to describe the behaviour of the full cell. Achieved 14 months ahead of target.
  • Gelion’s development team moves to new facilities within CSIRO's Collaboration Hub.
  • May - First Gelion patent granted in Australia, closely followed by patents being granted in Singapore, USA and Russia.
  • August - Founding Chairman, Professor Thomas Maschmeyer, wins CSIRO Eureka Prize for Leadership in Innovation and Science.
  • September - Professor Maschmeyer awarded R. K. Murphy Medal from The Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI).
  • November - Gelion appoints Mr Rob Fitzpatrick to the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
  • February - Gelion launches its first commercial battery product-line, Gelion Endure, at the University of Sydney.
  • February - The Gelion Endure launch receives national media attention, being featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, ABC Radio and Renew Economy.
  • May - Gelion relocates its corporate head office to globally recognised Cicada Innovations at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney, with a satellite at The University of Sydney.
  • June - November - Gelion patents granted in Europe, New Zealand, Indonesia, South Korea, China and Japan.
  • July - Gelion successfully closes Series B Capital Raise ahead of schedule.
  • December - Gelion awarded the prestigious Industrial Energy Enlightenmentz Award 2019 at the European Industry & Energy Summit (EIES) in Amsterdam.
  • January - Gelion begin local manufacture of the Endure battery with participation from companies in NSW, VIC and SA.
  • January - June - Gelion patents granted in Canada, Hong Kong, South Africa, Israel and Malaysia.
  • October - Gelion launches its first product, its smart solar benches, powered by Gelion’s Endure Zinc-Bromine batteries, installed across the University of Sydney.
  • October - Gelion appoints Mr Andrew Grimes to the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), to lead Gelion through its manufacturing stage. The timing of the appointment aligns with Gelion entering the market to validate its battery technology in-field during 2021.
  • October - Gelion’s Founding Chairman, Professor Thomas Maschmeyer, receives the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award for Innovation in Science.

Having achieved key development milestones, we’re targeting mass manufacturable designs and pilot deployments from 2021.

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