USYD Smart Bench

You’re sitting at a smart bench!

Impact from Research:

Design Concept for the solar powered Gelion Smart Bench at the University of Sydney

Look up! This Smart Bench is charged by solar panels and the lights are powered by Gelion’s transformative batteries

Gelion’s transformation battery technology has been implemented within its place of birth, the University of Sydney. Gelion’s batteries are powering the brand new smart solar benches at three sites within the University. These benches harness renewable energy from the sun to provide students with a safe and usable space to meet and collaborate on campus to the evening.

Gelion Tehcnologies is a spin-off from the University’s Science Department, the brain child of Professor Thomas Maschmeyer.

As one of the first installations of Gelion’s batteries, these benches are a commitment from the University of Sydney to support innovation out of its own research, as well as drive towards a more sustainable future.

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