Gelion Endure solar powered smart benches at the University of Sydney

Gelion team members on-site following the installations across the University of Sydney

On 19 October 2020 Gelion announced the delivery of it’s smart solar benches (press release here), powered by our Endure zinc-bromide batteries, to the University of Sydney – marking the first commercial installation for Gelion. The installation of the benches with our first customer sees Gelion move to pre-market stage.

In early 2020, the University of Sydney engaged Gelion to provide solutions to further its commitment to sustainable infrastructure and make contributions to safety on campus. The smart solar benches, successfully rolled-out in September 2020, provide shelter and lighting in key areas of campus that are not connected to mains power. The lighting within the benches is provided by Gelion’s Endure battery technology, which harnesses renewable energy from the sun, and provide students with a safe and usable space to meet and collaborate on campus into the evening.

The University of Sydney smart solar bench pilot illustrates several of Gelion’s target market opportunities and competitive advantages; renewables integration, use in off-grid and non-climate-controlled environments and a battery that is low-maintenance and safe. This is the first of a series of pilots planned for Gelion’s Endure battery, demonstrating its competitive product attributes.

Gelion is pleased that the successful delivery of the project was executed in a period in which local and international supply-chains experienced wide-spread disruption due to COVID-19. This pilot delivery incorporates the efforts of over a dozen engineering and manufacturing organisations including capabilities in smart energy monitoring and optimisation.

“We want to provide solutions for Australia, and also produce ready-to-export technology that can power renewables worldwide,”

Professor Thomas Maschmeyer, Gelion Founding Chairman

The University of Sydney smart benches can be seen at four locations across the University of Sydney Darlington and Camperdown campuses.

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