Gelion at Smart Energy Conference

This week Gelion was invited to present at the Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition at the International Convention Centre, Sydney.

Gelion’s talk closed out day one of the conference (Tuesday 2 April). Gelion CEO, Rob Fitzpatrick, and CTO, Nathan Coad, detailed how Gelion’s robust, safe and scalable zinc-bromide gel battery solution is advancing innovation in the renewable energy sector.

Rob Fitzpatrick, Gelion CEO, speaks at the Smart Energy Conference in Sydney on 2 April 2019
Nathan Coad, Gelion CTO, presents at the Smart Energy Conference on 2 April 2019

“In February, Gelion Endure batteries lit up the University of Sydney, where they’re being used to power solar mobile light towers across the campus, so students can move around safely at night,” said Fitzpatrick.

“The Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition is a hive for forward-thinking industry professionals. I’m excited to share the capabilities of Gelion’s non-flow zinc bromide battery technology and share its real-world applications.”

Gelion’s potential impact on the renewable energy sector has drawn accolades from leading scientific organisations. In 2018, Gelion’s Founding Chairman and technology inventor, Professor Thomas Maschmeyer was awarded the R.K Murphy Medal from the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and the prestigious CSIRO Eureka Prize for Leadership in Innovation and Science.

Electrical storage is a key element for the widespread adoption of renewable power and a scalable, innovative battery storage solution is required for renewable energy to reach its full potential. Gelion is responding to the call by providing a safer, lower-cost and scalable storage solution for green power.

Fitzpatrick explains that unlike their lithium-ion counterparts, Gelion batteries can withstand extreme temperatures, making them safer and more dependable for commercial deployment.

“Zinc bromide gel is a fire retardant, meaning it can’t physically catch fire. It’s safe to put into the walls of buildings, houses and ships, which opens up a number of different markets for us to explore.”

This year’s Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition attracted a network of over 5,000 smart energy industry professionals and hosted over 100 sessions from experts in the renewable energy sector.

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