Gelion Company Update – March 2019

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In late February, Gelion celebrated a key milestone, launching our first commercial battery, Gelion’s Endure. The launch event was held at The University of Sydney, with over 150 attending including investors,
politicians, academics, industry professionals, media and of course, our team.
More on the launch, including photos, are available here.

Watch the Video of the Gelion ENDURE Launch

Gelion ENUDRE Launch on Vimeo.

Launch event held February 2019 at the University of Sydney
Gelion ENDURE battery stacks inside Gelion’s first commercial deployment, a mobile lighting tower at the University of Sydney

Gelion Making Headlines!

The media has been following the launch of Gelion ENDURE closely. There are some great articles News

The Gelion Team celebrating the launch of Gelion ENDURE at The University of Sydney

Meet the Team – Professor Thomas Maschmeyer, Founding Chairman

Gelion’s founder, Professor Thomas Maschmeyer, is also the inventor of
Gelion’s innovative battery platform technology.

Just in 2018, Professor Maschmeyer received the prestigious Eureka Prize for Leadership in Innovation and Science – Australia’s principle Science Prize – and was also the recipient of the RACI R. K. Murphy Medal for Industrial Chemistry.

Prof Thomas Maschmeyer at the launch of Gelion ENDURE

Not only a celebrated academic, Thomas is a serial offender when it comes
to Australian business innovation, having been involved in a number of
successful start-ups, including Gelion and global leaders in hydrothermal upgrading, Licella, where he was instrumental in the conception of the biomass to biofuel and waste plastic to fuel technology.
When he isn’t in the lab, inspiring future leaders at the University or in the boardroom, he can be heard entertaining a crowd with his classic German humour.

From left to right: Rob Fitzpatrick (Gelion CEO), The Hon Matt Kean MP, Prof Thomas Maschmeyer and Dr Michael Spence (VC and Principal, University of Sydney)

Read this great interview with Thomas by the University of Sydney for more.

Gelion ENDURE – Technical Spotlight

Gelion’s breakthrough Endure battery is lower cost, safer and simpler than other batteries available in the market today. The Endure battery chemistry is based in low cost zinc bromide components, which help to give Gelion a cost advantage over other battery technologies. Our technical breakthrough has enabled us to shift from the more complex complex and expensive zinc bromide flow batteries (which pump the electrolyte around a large container) to non-flow batteries. We have designed Gelion’s Endure for mass production in modular form, covering a variety of formats and applications.

Gelion ENDURE battery cell

The ENDURE battery has a 4 hour charge, 4 hour discharge cycle; optimised
for the energy shifting market.

The ENDURE product is suitable for a multitude of applications, and will allow customers to achieve the following:

Solar Lighting – Store solar energy during the day, use at night to provide
fixed or mobile lighting solutions;
Residential – Owners will be able to charge the battery during the day
from solar, or when electricity prices are low, and use the stored power at
night, when power prices are higher.
Commercial and Industrial (C&I) – Enable C&I customers to store solar
or low cost energy, and reduce peak demand energy costs;
Solar Farm & Grid Support – Enable solar farm operators to regulate
electricity output, assisting with grid stability and larger installation

Gelion ENDURE battery stacks inside the base of a solar powered mobile lighting tower

Battery safety is a key design parameter for Gelion’s technical team,
which has been achieved successfully, such that even when heated by a
blow torch, the Gelion battery components do not catch fire, unlike other
battery technologies in the market today.
The ENDURE battery has the flexibility to operate up to 50 degrees C, without the added expense of airconditioning
systems, making it also a great fit for applications located in hot, remote environments.

Please see our Gelion video for more information:

Gelion – Powering the Future on Vimeo.

Upcoming Events – Save the Dates:

Smart Energy Conference – April, Sydney
Gelion CEO, Rob Fitzpatrick, will be speaking on 2nd April at the conference, alongside Nathan Coad, CTO.
Entry to the conference is free, so register here to attend:

The Australian Storage Conference and Exhibition, Sydney, 13-14 June

Gelion will have a booth as an exhibitor.
For more information and to register please visit

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