Gelion Platform

An adaptable battery platform offers significant advantages.

Gelion’s liquid-to-gel battery platform can accommodate electrolyte combinations from all liquid, to liquid/gelated, and an innovative all-gel electrolyte.

The gelated electrolyte possesses the mechanical strength of a solid with ionic conduction closer to that of a liquid, allowing for safe, durable batteries with high performance metrics.

This flexibility in design allows Gelion’s battery platform to be adapted to various applications.

Affordable components enable mass production.

Gelion’s redox materials, Zinc and Bromine, are inexpensive and globally well distributed, whereas expensive and geographically constrained lithium and cobalt supplies are among the major roadblocks, holding back the pervasive switch to a battery-powered world.

Safe and flexible components provide battery confidence.

Gelion’s flexible gels prevent mechanical stress failure (e.g. withstanding internal stress induced through volume changes during charge/discharge and external stress through deformation).

Not only is the gel non-flammable, but it is proven within a lab setting to be fire retardant – a huge advantage over most current lithium ion batteries. Additionally, all toxic materials are chemically bound, preventing their release.

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