Gelion Endure

Gelion have developed the industry leading Zinc Bromide (ZnBr) battery technology that delivers a safe, cost-effective, long-life alternative to lithium-ion and lead acid (PbA) battery technologies.

Endure Battery Technology brochure

Gelion’s Endure battery is packaged similarly to PbA batteries, enabling Gelion to keep its costs down by taking advantage of this global, established and low cost manufacturing ecosystem.

Endure’s patented gel enables a unique non-flow battery design for its ZnBr chemistry. This maximises the battery’s safety and enables its low cost attributes, negating some of the burdens associated with conventional flow batteries including high manufacturing cost, additional capex, maintenance and other mechanical systems.

In addition, Endure’s unique Battery Management System (BMS) performs proactive conditioning cycles that significantly extend battery life compared with other technologies.

Endure is targeted at stationary energy storage applications. Its levelised cost of energy storage (LCOES) is maximised by the battery’s low fade capability even at high temperatures, which is a fundamental issue for other battery technologies. It has many additional advantages including the ability to daily cycle at 100% depth of discharge (DoD) and operate at temperatures up to 50oC, without requiring costly air-conditioning systems. The battery is abuse tolerant; it can be discharged to zero Volts repeatedly without harming its performance, making it ideal for off-grid unmanaged environments.

Endure Competitive Advantages

Long-life with low fade
Improving life-time and levelized cost of energy storage (LCOES).

Robust & abuse tolerant
Can be discharged to zero Volts without harming the battery’s performance; ideal for unmanaged or seasonal systems. Delivers 100% DoD capability.

Safe & high temperature tolerant
Gelion’s ZnBr chemistry acts as a fire retardant, with no thermal runaway. It can operate at high temperatures, where safety and resilience are high priority requirements.

A fully recyclable battery that is easily dismantled, safe and more environmentally sustainable, while at the same time reducing its end-of-life disposal costs.

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