A battery platform for the applications of the future.

Gelion has developed a unique battery platform technology that can be specifically adapted to the performance requirements of a particular application.

This flexibility means that Gelion battery cells have wide speed of charge/discharge windows, suitable for a broad range of uses.

A vibrant new player in energy storage makes for an exciting commercial opportunity.

Gelion’s approach – a safe, low cost and long-lasting battery system that is adaptable to the requirements of the end user – has the potential to revolutionise a global battery market currently worth US$80 billion in annual revenues.

Gelion’s robust, safe and affordable battery platform unlocks vast market opportunities.

Gelion’s battery technology suits a broad range of stationary energy storage applications.

Gelion’s breakthrough battery technology can operate in harsh, high temperature environments without impacting the battery’s performance. Given these advantages, Gelion’s initial focus will be towards off-grid and grid connected commercial and industrial applications. As Gelion’s manufacturing scale increases, we will deploy our battery technology for Solar PV, Wind Farm and Utility/Grid applications.

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